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Boreal Forest 2020

World Wide Carbon, LLC was founded on the premise that a company can be both socially responsible and profitable. We partner with our clients to develop turn-key carbon sequestration programs that are both environmentally beneficial and financially rewarding. Our team of experts design and implement large-scale carbon sequestration programs and provide on-going management to industry-best standards.

Worldwide Carbon currently manages Improved Forest Management projects on over 2 million acres of Boreal forest — an area more than twice the size the State of Rhode Island. By instituting sustainable forest management practices on these lands, we work to protect the long-term health of these forests and the thousands of species that live within them,


while simultaneously continuing to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. We are continually expanding our partnerships with other forest owners who can see the benefits of implementing Improved Forest Management programs on their lands. Leveraging our experience and technology, we have the capacity to manage multiple large-scale projects across North America and globally.
To provide a sense of impact that our Improved Forest Management project have, Worldwide Carbon’s current projects annually sequester roughly 15 tons of carbon per acre.

30M +tons co2

With 2.1 million acres currently under management, we are sequestering over 30 million tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent greenhouse gas footprint of approximately 1.5 million North Americans or 7.5 million compact automobiles. As we bring on additional forestry partners, this impact will continue to grow.*
Our current projects generate over 30,000,000 carbon credit offsets annually with a current market value of over $530,000,000.

$500M+ Market Value of Offsets in USD

Worldwide Carbon sells these credits directly to our network of domestic and international buyers, making us one of the world’s largest full service “end to end” vertically integrated sustainability solution providers.*

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the reversal of global warming with sustainable solutions that offer both environmental and financial benefits.

What We Do

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Improved Forest Management

Improved Forest Managment’s (IFM) mission is to manage forests more sustainably and restore more of the forest landscapes which we have lost.Learn More

Avoided Conversion

An Avoided Conversion (AV) Project, sometimes called a Forest Conservation Project, involves preventing the loss of forests to a non-forest use.Learn More

Mine Methane Capture

Mine Methane Capture (MMC) is another critical strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.Learn More

World Wide Carbon, LLC is the global leader in measuring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas emissions from large-scale carbon sequestration projects and producing marketable offset credits. Our team of top tier senior executives and project development personnel have over sixty years of combined experience in the areas of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon management, and sustainability projects. The company and its team have completed more than 750 domestic and international carbon credit projects.

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Our Projects Lead to Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are part of the solution to global warming

A carbon credit is an instrument that people use to assign a commercial dollar to one metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions, so they can measure, buy, sell and trade it.

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Carbon Credits Benefits Case Study

Selling Carbon Credits is Earning Tribes Millions While Conserving Forests

It’s an idea so simple that it sounds almost too good to be true: Tribes across the country are using their forest lands to generate income by selling carbon credits in the California.

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Our Services

World Wide Carbon, LLC is a full service “end to end” vertically integrated sustainability solutions provider. We provide our partners and clients with a full range of project development solutions which include the following:

Project Planning & Financing

Operations & Sustainable Forest Management

Carbon Offset Programs

Timber & Carbon Credit Sales and Marketing

Current Projects

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Global Warming threatens our health, our economy, our natural recourses and our children’s future.

It is clear we must act.