Past Work and Milestones

Notable project milestones include:


Over one million acres of forestry and emission reduction credits in Brazil and the United States utilizing unique IFM planting of teak and eucalyptus trees;


724 bio-digester sites for hog and dairy cows producing over 5 million Certified Emissions Reductions (CER) credits;


Multiple palm oil bio-digester projects in Indonesia and Malaysia, and;


Initial project development stages of several IFM developments (totaling over 5,000,000 acres located in Canada).

Worldwide Carbon Works Hard and Achieves a Patent

The Worldwide Carbon, LLC Team has developed and patented (#US20060195334A1) our proprietary Syntaq data logging and control software platform which provides for the highest level of analytics and ongoing monitoring recognized by Det Norske Veritas, the world’s leading third party verifier.  As a result, we have gained seasoned, solid experience working with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), European Union Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS ),  and the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) exchanges.

Global Warming threatens our health, our economy, our natural recourses and our children’s future.

It is clear we must act.